Current Status: Author, play-screenwriter and documentary filmmaker.

Colgate University, B.A.; The University of Miami; M.A., Colgate Rochester
Divinity School, M.A.; The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Ph.D.



Books, Plays, Screenplays, etc.

• THREE BOOKS affecting change, cited nationally, and which resulted in documentary         films
• FIVE play readings and productions
• THREE national playwriting honors, & NINE print interviews and reviews
• TWENTY-SEVEN research grants and initiatives
• SIXTY-THREE published essays, Op-Ed Pieces, and Journalism
• NINE reprints and republications of my work in newspapers, magazines–and inclusion     in a college writing text alongside James Baldwin, Annie Dillard, and Alice Walker
• NINETY-THREE radio, TV and print interviews and analyses on politics, film, etc.
• FORTY-SIX print, television and radio interviews regarding significant activities, such as writing and film.
Administrative Experience
• President of two award-winning film companies:  Lou Buttino Films, Inc., and Eastwind Films, Inc.
• DIRECTOR and PRODUCER on several documentary projects
• TWO-TERM CHAIR, Film Studies Department, UNC Wilmington
• FIFTY-FOUR universities committees, chair or member of, including Vice President of the Faculty Senate
Engagement in State, Regional and National Affairs
• FORTY-FOUR lectures addresses, and presentations, ranging from community groups to       Harvard, Brown, and Syracuse universities
• NINETY-THREE radio, TV and print interviews and analyses on politics, film, etc.
• FORTY-SIX print, television and radio interviews on my work, and other significant               activities
• THIRTEEN Pro Bono and “at-cost” films and documentaries
• TWELVE State, regional and nationally  documentaries
• SIXTY-FOUR premieres, screenings, broadcasts
• FORTY-FOUR announcements and reviews
• TWENTY-THREE awards and honors
• FIFTY-EIGHT courses taught in seven fields at both the undergraduate and graduate
• EIGHTEEN teaching awards and citations
• TWO distinguished awards for scholarship
Inauguration of a Special Manuscript & Film Collection, William M. Randall Library, The
University of North Carolina Wilmington.
Thirty-eight states, sixteen countries in Europe, Africa, Central and South America. (Few were vacations, most were for newspaper work or research)/



A Cloud for Kate is about love and loss between a grandfather and his adolescent granddaughter. Grieving is hard, but not when the sky can teach things that open up the heart to starting over. Under review.

Shadowboxing the Mob: The Carmen Basilio Story earned ten consecutive screenplay competitions before being optioned by Ridgerock Entertainment Group, Memphis, TN. The Group’s executives were a main force behind production of Black Mass, the story of Boston’s corrupt Whitey Bolger and his manipulation of the FBI (played by Johnny Depp). In production, 2017.

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Pray April Comes. A feature-length screenplay based on my biography (third edition published in 2016) of a 12-year-old child wrote who inspired what is today the fourth largest organization in the world dealing with all aspects of childhood trauma–from cancer to gun-related violence.

Documentary Film
The feature documentary film Going Home: Memoir of a Small Town is in post-production. I am in the final edit while simultaneously fundraising and seeking national broadcast and distribution. This story is not about outrage or the outrageous things we do to one another. It is, instead, a reminder that places still exist where caring and community matter, and where even loss can provide perspective and the gift of humility.


Fathers Who Changed America—and the Children They Left Behind. Lincoln, JFK & Dr. King.  Largely ignored, being fathers changed Lincoln, JFK  and King profoundly, and this change resonated outward to the world.  It happened with  Lincoln at Gettysburg, JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” After the assassinations, their children were never free to live lives independent of fathers who in death became larger than life. A fuller portrait of Lincoln, JFK, and King begins with this book. Greater understanding of their children’s’ plight has its start in these pages. And the writing of American history may never be the same.

Orphaned Earth. A science fiction feature. The puncturing and plundering of the earth for water, coal, oil, gas, minerals and the like for centuries has put the world on the brink of the greatest calamity it has ever known. Fault lines interconnect beneath cities, volcanoes, and across the ocean floor. Sinkholes begin to swallow up cities. Dams world-wide begin to break. But that’s not even the worst part.