The third edition of Camp Good Days & Special Times: The Legacy of Teddi Mervis is now available in paperback from The History Press. To purchase, click here.  The book is also available on

Camp good days covercamp good days 2The book contains a new preface by Gary Mervis, and a new introduction and concluding chapters by me. In between, the book has been completely revised from earlier editions. The story is about a 12-year-old girl who died of a brain tumor. Teddi’s life and death inspired one of the largest organizations in the world that deals with almost every kind of childhood affliction, be it cancer to gun violence.

It’s a very moving–and uplifting story–and I am truly grateful to have been involved in writing the book and with the Camp itself.


The Remaking of a City: Rochester, NY 1964-1984.
(Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt, 1984)

The Remaking of a City was co-authored with journalist and friend Mark Hare.  Together we documented a highly significant change in the city’s demographics, and other factors, and the book helped lead to  the restructuring of Rochester city government.

Rochester was one of the first cities in the nation to experience race riots. The book jacket  depicts Rochester City Police responding to them.

City Mayor Thomas P. Ryan, Jr., said of the book: “I commend Mark Hare and Lou Buttino for their initiative and professional scholarship and hope all our community leaders and historians will be sure to read this remarkable account.”

Esteemed City Historian Blake McKelvey endorsed the book, saying, “They (Buttino and Hare) have done an excellence job of research, tracking down down the activities and reporting the accomplishments of the varied groups involved in this important and controversial aspect of Rochester’s recent history.”

Laurence Kirwan, Vice Chairperson, New York State Democratic Party
is quoted on the book jacket, commenting, “The community owes the authors a debt of gratitude.”

Available from Amazon.


For the Love of Teddi
(Westport, CT:  Praeger Publishers, 2001)

This is the story of twelve-year-old Teddi Mervis and her fight against cancer, her impending death, and the inspiration she continues to give to thousands.

For the Love of Teddi is about a unique band of people who individually and collectively helped her deal with her experience and in the process were changed forever by it.

Because of the ceaseless efforts of her father, Gary, and literally thousands of others, from students to  construction workers and college presidents, together helped form an organization whose primary purpose is to make the lives of children of any affliction as happy and rewarding as possible.

The organization, Camp Good Days and Special Times, Inc., has become one of the largest and most successful organizations of its kind in the world.

The book is in its second printing and available from Amazon.


Lewis Meyers.  Crosscurrents: Writing on the Stream of Reading
(Lexington, MA.:  D.C. Heath and Company, 1992)

is a college writing text which includes authors such as Annie Dillard, James Baldwin, Joan Didion, and Alice Walker.  The radio script, titled “Choices of the Heart,” is also included in the text.  The script, co-authored with Lou Giansante, the script and audio was a half-hour nationally  broadcast program on “All Things Considered,” (NPR) on the 25th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A Special Agent: Gay and Inside the FBI.
(New York:  William Morrow Publishers, Inc., 1993)

An FBI Agent claimed he was being fired because he was gay.  But at his trial against the FBI, I learned differently.

The book had sold around 26,000 copies, was featured on Larry King LiveSixty Minutes, and other such venues, and publisher William Morrow back its promotion with a substantial amount of capital.   The book was about to go into paperback and branch to overseas markets but as the co-author of the book, after learning the truth,  I asked the publisher to cease further publication.

This book is no longer in print.

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