I believe that while the story structure remains similar to what Aristotle handed down to us, individual stories have a unique home that needs to be found. If a story is about people from an oral culture, is a play a better home? The audience is able to hear the words rather than a summary. In this section, I offer a variety of writing samples, though I have excluded short stories and published feature stories because of space considerations.

My work has been reprinted in newspapers, and in texts, including the documentary script for “Choices of the Heart,” a radio documentary which air on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” This text included American writers such as  Joan Didion, James Bald­win, Annie Dillard and Alice Walk­er. Writing on the Stream of Reading, Lewis Meyer, (ed.), D.C. Heath Publish­ing Co.,1991.

Some of my newspapers columns, work that earned me a First Place Award from the New York Press Association, have also been reprinted in book collections. These include:  “Notes from the Trial,” Alternative Press Annual, (Philadelphia: Te­mple Uni­versi­ty, 1986), “The Afrikaner,” Utne Reader: The Best of the Alternative Press, (October, l985); “Through the Lens of Lewis Hine,” Hastings-on-the-Hudson Historical Society, Fall l984.