• BB LibraryScreening and lecture, Broken Brotherhood. Part of a Vietnam War topic series, inspired by Ken Burns’ documentary The Vietnam War and supported by a grant from the American Library Association, PBS, and WETA in Washington DC. Northeast Regional Library, Wilmington, NC, (December 11, 2017).
  • Presentation, “Assessing the Impact of the Film Industry on the Economy of Southeastern North Carolina.” Funding from Political Science (Public Administration) department, supported by the Provost’s Office. The grant was part of the effort to establish a UNCW Regional Center for Public Engagement. Awarded 2006, Wilmington, NC, (June 1, 2007).
  • Lecture, “Documentary Filmmaking,” College Day, (2005 and 2006).
  • Lectured to classes at Colgate University in Peace Studies; Conflict Resolution; and Film Majors, Hamilton, NY, (November 12, 2003).
  • Address, New Faculty Training Workshop, Madeline Suite, UNCW. “The Truth is Out There: “The Experience of Teaching at UNCW,” (September 16, 2000).

    Colgate Divinity School
    Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, NY
  • Address, “The Fireside Chat Program,” Great Room, Graham/Hewlett Building, UNCW, (August 28, 2000).
  • Address, “On Building Community,” Campus Retreat, (August 8, 2000).
  • Participant, “Documentary Film Makers Panel,” with documentarians Paula Haller, Rob Hill, Francine DeCoursey, Matt Barr and Ellen Walters, Southeastern Media Institute, UNCW Film Studies & EUE Screen Gems Studio. Screen Gems Studios, Wilmington, NC, (July 7-11, 2000).
  • Address, “Excellence,” The Seventh Annual Housing and Residence Life Academic Excellence Recognition Banquet, Warwick Center Ballroom, UNCW, (January 19, 2000).
  • Presenter, Carolinas News Association Conference. “On the Importance of Teaching,” Asheville, NC, (Fall 1998).
  • Address, “Remembering Purpose,” College News Association of the Carolinas, Asheville, NC, (August 1998).
  • Address, “Why Care,” UNCW Ambassadors, Golden Hawk Room, Trask Coliseum, UNCW,(April 29, 1997).
  • I was in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was still in prison, and the country was under apartheid

    Presenter, a panel on funding the independent film and documentary, North Carolina Film and Video Conference at UNCW and Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC, (October 28, 1995).

  • Address, “In Defense of Libraries and Librarians,” Conference of Librarians from Syracuse City Schools and Onondaga, Cortland and Madison counties. Holiday Inn, Syracuse, NY, (November 18, 1993).
  • Address, “My Brother: A Gay FBI Agent,” Taped and re-broadcast on WXXI-FM. Riverside Convention Center, Rochester, NY, (May 12, 1993).
  • Address, Library Power Schools Workshop, Center for Educational Development, Rochester, NY, (September 2, 1992).
  • Address, “Shooting for the Moon,” Conference, New York Health Care Providers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, (October 6-9, 1991).
  • Address, “Sports and Prejudice,” National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame Dinner, Mapledale Party House, Rochester, NY, (November 1, 1990).
  • Address, “The Importance of International Television,” Roch­ester First International Television’s annual din­ner, Rochester Conven­tion Center, (April 21, 1990).
  • Address, “The Essence of Fisher,” SJFC Open House, Rochester, NY, (November 11, 1989).
  • Address, “Making the World Flat Again,” 49th Annual Columbus Day Luncheon, sponsored by the Italian Civic League, Holiday Inn-Genesee Plaza, Rochester, NY, (October 9, 1989).
  • Interviewing Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua

    Address, “Going Back to the Sacco-Vanzetti Trial,” American Italian Heritage Association’s Ninth Annual Con­fer­ence, Cana­stota, NY, (October 29, 1988).

  • Address, “They’re With Us for Awhile, Too,” Parents Weekend, Kearney Auditorium, SJFC, Rochester, NY, (October 22, 1988).
  • Lecture, “Film as Literature,” College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, (September 21, 1988).
  • Lecture, “The Global Future: Quest for a New Vision,” Keuka College, Keuka Park, NY, (March 7-8, 1987).
  • “Film professor Lou Buttino wraps after 20 years at UNCW,” StarNews. A standing-room-only crowd of students, faculty, and staff came to hear Dr. Buttino’s last lecture in King Auditorium

    Presentation, “There is a River,” Benefit Concert performed by members of the Eastman School of Music facul­ty for humanitari­an aid for the people of Central America, Rochester, NY, (December 1, 1985).

  • Lecture, “Creative Problem Solving,” College of Graphic Arts and Photography,” Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, (Octo­ber 24, 1985).
  • Two lectures, “The Threat of Nuclear War and American Public Opinion,” and “Determining the Content and the Process of Documen­tary Writing.” The Presbyterian School, Graduate Center for Theological Educa­tion, Richmond, Virginia, (October 14-15, 1985).
  • Lecture, “The Future of the Democratic Party,” 21st Legisla­tive Dis­trict, Rochester, NY, (October 9, 1984).
  • Lecture, “Rochester’s Future,” Torch Club of Rochester, Rochester, NY, (September 18, 1984).
  • Address, “Change in Rochester in the Time Ahead,” to Monroe County political, civic, and business leaders, Xerox Auditorium, Rochester, NY, (September 16, 1981).
  • Lecture Series, coordinated by Urbanarium, Inc., for key community leaders, including presidents
    A waitress and country singer at the “Atomic Café” in Atlanta. She put on the wig after our interview. Said she felt disoriented.

    from the Roches­ter Area Chamber of Commerce, Rochester In­stitute of Technology, and representa­tives from the Xerox Foundation, Rochester, NY, (June 1981).

  • “Background on the Elected Mayor Issue,” delivered before City Council, Rochester, NY, (April 14, 1981).
  • Address, “The South African Heart,” Conference on Race a­and Racism, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, (April 1981).
  • Presentation, public hearing of the Charter Reform Commission, City Hall, “The 1972/1973 Attempts to Change the Governance of Roch­ester to a Strong/Elected Mayor Form of Government.” Rochester, NY, (February 1981).
  • Address, “The Relationship Between South Africa and the Unit­ed States,” National Assembly of Laity and Clergy Concerned, St. Paul Episco­pal Church, Rochester, NY, (July 27, 1980).
  • Lecture, “Public Opinion and Democracy,” Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall/Crozier
    Five-year-old Molly, from Durham, NC, asked me, “Why would they want to have a war when we’re all having such a wonderful time.

    Theological Seminary, Rochester, NY, (September 15, 1979).

  • Address, “The Beam in Our Own,” Symposium of the university and com­muni­ty leaders, Pan African Cultural Exhibi­tion, Mar­ine Mid­land Bank Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, (August 28, 1978).
  • Presentation, “South African and American Parallels: The Treatment of the Native Populations, “Third World Conference, Gov­ernors Col­lege, Forest Park, Illinois, (March 14-18, 1978).
  • Address, “The Afrikaner Psyche–And What Americans Might Do,” Peace and Justice Commission, Diocese of Roches­ter, Rochester, NY, (Janu­ary 9, 1978).
  • Presentation, “The Afrikaner Utopia: Looking Backward from the Year 1997,” Third World Conference, University of Ne­braska, Omaha, (October 25-27, 1977).
  • Address, “Who Speaks for the Children?” United Nations Con­ference, Naza­reth College, Rochester, NY, (March 7, 1977).
  • Lecture, “The United Nations and the Middle East,” American Asso­ciation of University Women, Washington, DC, (September 14, 1976).
  • Presentation, “Political Theory and International Relations,” American Polit­ical Science Association
    On the dais with independent filmmaker John Sayles. He said he showed my film Even the Heavens Weep to the cast making his film Matewan, which included Chris Cooper, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnel and James Earl Jones. He told them that my film is what led up to the shoot out at Matewan, West Virginia.

    Seminar, John F. Kennedy School of Govern­ment, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, (August 1976).

  • Address, “A Perspective on Human Rights,” International Human Rights Day, Rochester Museum and Science Center Auditorium, Rochester, NY, (December 10, 1975).
  • Address, “The Politics of Memory and Hope,” University con­fer­ence, Syra­cuse University, Syracuse, NY, (October 9, 1975).
  • Address, “Apathy and Politics,” Conference for high school students, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, (April 10, 1975).
  • Presentation, “Walter Lippmann–Philosopher-Journalist,” Speech Communications Department, SUNY at Brock­port, Brockport, NY, (March 30, 1975).
  • Presentation, “Campaign Politics,” Annual meeting of the New York State Political Science Association, Albany, NY, (March 5, 1975).