• Photograph by humanist photographer Margaret Bourke-White

    The Humanist Photographers, a series of six hour-long documentaries on American humanist pho­tog­ra­phers such as Eugene Smith, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, etc. Researcher and proposal writer. Winner, of the pilot grant from the Na­tional Endowment for the Human­ities.

  • New York State of Mind, WXXI-TV2l, Rochester, NY, the propos­al ­and pilot for an l2-part series of half-hour documentaries on varied aspects of New
    Research in the Netherlands on Peter Stuyvesant and the Dutch

    York State history, politics and culture. For statewide broadcast and post-broadcast use in high school and college classrooms. Writer/creative consultant.

  • Stuyvesant, the Dutch and America, WMHT-TV17, Schenectady, NY, hour-long, PBS national production planned. New translations of early Dutch manuscripts offer a different version of early America.

    I traveled down the Ohio River on a barge as part of my research
  • This Mighty River, hour-long PBS documentary on the history and significance of the Ohio River.Proposal writer, scriptwriter, and cre­ative consultant. Planning grants earned from regional Hu­mani­ties councils contiguous to the Ohio River.