Shadowboxing the Mob
Based on a true story

The screenplay is based on the little-known but true story of Carmen Basilio, one of the greatest fighters of all time–and a personal friend of mine.

Tony DeMarco slumps to the canvas as Basilio wins the Welterweight title in December 1955.

Basilio refused to join the mob-backed International Boxing Commission (IBC)–a decision that cost him plenty in terms of time, money and a shot at the title.

But because Basilio put honor ahead of money and glory, he was key in busting up the IBC:  Basilio testified before Congress; mobsters went to jail.

Despite this, Basilio still achieved his boyhood dream of becoming a world champion in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions.  He remains one of the most popular–and best-loved fighters in boxing history. (WGA: 1226176)

The story was first made public in a 1999 ESPN documentary for which I served as a consultant and on-camera interviewee.

  •  California Film Awards, Best of Category Award (Drama) Winner (San Diego, CA)
  • Best Unpublished Screenplay Competition, Independent Filmmakers Showcase (Los Angeles/Santa Monica, CA)
  • The Nevada Film Festival (Las Vegas, NE)
  • The New York International Film Festival (New York, NY)
  • The Moondance International Film Festival (Boulder, CO)
  • The Buffalo-Niagra Film Festival (Buffalo, NY)
  • Independent Film Quarterly Festival (Hollywood, CA)
  • The Philadelphia Screenplay Competition, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Charleston International Film Festival (Charleston, SC)
  • The FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards (West Hollywood, CA)

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