Administrative Experience

I have served on numerous standing and ad hoc committees over the years, chairing many, and involved in academic searches, and similar experiences.

One of my most profound experiences, however, was being the first elected chair (for two terms) of the Film Studies Department, UNC Wilmington, Wilmington, NC.

Under my leadership, and with the support of colleagues, and the upper administration, I was able to assist in:

  • Moving the Film Studies Department from scattered offices to one building;
  • Refurbish an old auditorium into a state of the art facility;
  • Establish a new state of the art classroom;
  • Lobbied for an obtained a state of the art editing facility, with 20 Macs, all outfitted with the latest technologies, including Final Cut Pro and Power Tools;
  • More than quadrupled the size of the department’s equipment room;
  • More than doubled the number of faculty in the department from some of the best film schools in American and abroad;
  • Managed a $100,000 budget;
  • Through grants obtained a substantial amount of equipment and software.
  • Initiated a grant through the auspices of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences for our students to intern in Los Angeles.
  • Initiated student exchanges with colleges and universities in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland.

When I began as chair, the department was very new. When I left, because of the support of so many, it is now a flagship program at UNC Wilmington.

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