Courses Taught

I have taught some fifty courses at various colleges and universities in academic disciplines that included Political Science, Communications, Film, and Creative Writing. Several of these courses were new to the particular department, college and university. A complete list follows.

SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY
(Political Science)
International Relations
Comparative European Studies

The University of Rochester, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Rochester, NY
(Political Science)
Political Theory
Comparative politics

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
(Film & Video)
Scriptwriting for Film and Video (Undergraduate)
Scriptwriting for Animators (Graduate)

St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
(Political Science)
American Political Parties and Pressure Groups*
The American Political System
The American Presidency*(seminar)
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
Contemporary Political Thought
Fundamentals of Political Science*
International Relations*
The Life and Times of Albert Camus*(seminar)
Politics and the Media*
Rochester Government and Politics*
Select Problems in Political Theory*(seminar)
United States Foreign Policy
United States Involvement in Southeast Asia*
Western Europe Comparative Politics
World Politics

Advanced Multi-Media Writing*(seminar)
America and the Mass Media since 1960*
Covering City Hall*(seminar)
The Documentary Tradition in America*(seminar)
Introduction to Mass Communications
Mass Media America: 1960-1972*
Mass Media America: 1972-1992*
Media and Politics: Covering the Presidential Campaign*
Persuasion, Propaganda and the Public Opinion*
Writing Drama and the Documentary*(seminar)

UNC Wilmington, Wilmington, NC
(Communication Studies)
Advanced Public Relations
The Documentarian (seminar)*
The Documentary Unit (two semester long course)
Dramatic Writing*
Film Production (with Frank Capra, Jr.)
Foundations of Media Writing*
Introduction to Public Relations
Introduction to Scriptwriting*
Scriptwriting for Public Relations*
Television & Democracy (seminar)*
The University, Critical Thinking and the Communications Revolution (Honors)
Writing for the Movies (seminar)*
Advanced Screenwriting (seminar)*

(Communication Studies/Film Studies)
Screenwriting: Story Development
Perspectives in Film Studies

(Film Studies)
The History of the Documentary
Introduction to the Documentary
Introduction to Screenwriting
Movie Makers and Film Scholars Series
War & Film

(Creative Writing)

(Graduate Program in Liberal Studies)
The Documentary Experience*
Doing Documentary Work*
Introduction to Screenwriting*
Advanced Screenwriting*

*New courses developed or introduced


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