I have taught fifty-eight courses at various colleges and universities in academic disciplines that included Political Science, Communications, Film, and Creative Writing at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I was recruited to teach in various departments during my academic career.
*The courses with asterisks connotes that I developed and taught it.*

UNC Wilmington, (Wilmington, NC)

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Communication Studies

Advanced Public Relations
The Documentarian (seminar)*
The Documentary Unit (two-semester course)
Dramatic Writing*
Film Production (with Frank Capra, Jr.)
Foundations of Media Writing*
Introduction to Public Relations*
Introduction to Scriptwriting*
Scriptwriting for Public Relations*
Television & Democracy (seminar)*
Writing for the Movies (seminar)*
Advanced Screenwriting (seminar)*
Communication for Public Relations*
The Documentary Experience: Exploring Various Genres*

Film Studies

The History of the Documentary*
Introduction to the Documentary*
Introduction to Screenwriting*
Movie Makers and Film Scholars Series*
Seminar in Studio Production*
The Documentary*
Seminar in Film Production: Documentary*
Special Topics: War & Film*

Cross-listed courses in Communication Studies & Film Studies

Screenwriting: Story Development*
Perspectives in Film Studies*

Honors Program

Critical Thinking and the Communications Revolution*

Masters in Liberal Studies

The Documentary Experience: A Filmmaker’s Journey*
Doing Documentary Work*
Introduction to Screenwriting*
Advanced Screenwriting*

Graduate Program in Creative Writing

Thesis Advisor: MFA in Creative Writing

Directed Independent Studies (DIS), Internship, and Undergraduate & Graduate Theses

From 1998-2006, I directed 19 DIS students, created a substantial number of internships in both Communication Studies and Film Studies. I also was a reader and advisor for a number of undergraduate and graduate theses.

St. John Fisher College, (Rochester, NY)



Advanced Multi-Media Writing*(seminar)
America and the Mass Media since 1960*
Covering City Hall*(seminar)
The Documentary Tradition in America*(seminar)
Introduction to Mass Communications
Mass Media America: 1960-1972*
Mass Media America: 1972-1992*
Media and Politics: Covering the Presidential Campaign*
Persuasion, Propaganda and the Public Opinion*
Writing Drama and the Documentary*(seminar)

Political Science

American Political Parties and Pressure Groups*
The American Political System
The American Presidency*(seminar)
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
Contemporary Political Thought
Fundamentals of Political Science*
International Relations*
The Life and Times of Albert Camus*(seminar)
Politics and the Media*
Rochester Government and Politics*
Select Problems in Political Theory*(seminar)
United States Foreign Policy
United States Involvement in Southeast Asia*
Western Europe Comparative Politics
World Politics

Rochester Institute of Technology, (Rochester, NY

Graduate Program, Film & Animation MFA Degree

Scriptwriting for Film and Video
Scriptwriting for Animators

SUNY Brockport, (Brockport, NY)

Political Science

International Relations
Comparative European Studies

The University of Rochester, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences,(Rochester, NY)

Political Science

Political Theory
Comparative politics