Newspaper Columns

I wrote columns for two newspapers, once when I was in my twenties, and another in my forties. My columns for City Newspaper, Rochester, NY, earned  a New York Press Association First Place Award.

At the Memorial

One panel of “The Wall”

This column had to do with seeing the Vietnam Memorial soon after it was opened to the public. It shook me to my core, and what I heard and saw remains indelibly with me.





Read At the Memorial’ (PDF)

Inside Nicaragua 

Photograph taken of me in Nicaragua by my pal Peter Fougere.

It appeared that the Reagan administration was about to go to war in Nicaragua and so I went to the country with a band of journalists and artists to see for ourselves what the Sandinista revolution had wrought. We met with, among others, the government’s leadership, and newspaper publishers on both the left and the right.

At night we could hear gunfire near the border, where US-backed “Contras” were fighting against the Sandinistas. I wrote a feature story about the experience, which was slated for publication, but at the last minute was withheld without explanation. Such were the times.

Read Inside Nicaragua (PDF)


Secrets of the Soul

This waitress at the “Atomic Café” in Atlanta took to calling me “Dr. Doom.”

I spent the summers of 1985-1988 interviewing Americans around the country about the threat of a nuclear war.

Psychologists maintained that Americans were “psychically numb” about the possibility of such a war because they could not imagine their own extinction.

I found out otherwise.

Read Secrets of the Soul (PDF)

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