I believe that while the story structure remains similar to what Artistotle handed down to us, individual stories have a home and that also needs to be discovered. If someone is from an oral culture can their words be contained in a short story or would a play be better? So the audience can actually hear the words rather than their summary. And so on and so forth. In this section I offer a variety of writing samples. I have excluded short stories and published feature stories.

My work has been reprinted in newspapers, and in texts, some of which include: “Choices of the Heart,” Writing on the Stream of Reading, Lewis Meyer, (ed.), D.C. Heath Publish­ing Co.,1991. This college writing text in­cludes American writers such as Joan Didion, James Bald­win, Annie Dillard and Alice Walk­er.

Some of my newspapers columns, work that earned me a First Place Award from the New York Press Association, have also been reprinted in book collections. These include:  “Notes from the Trial,” Alternative Press Annual, (Philadelphia: Te­mple Uni­versi­ty, 1986), “The Afrikaner,” Utne Reader: The Best of the Alternative Press, (October, l985); “Through the Lens of Lewis Hine,” Hastings-on-the-Hudson Historical Society, Fall l984.

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